Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Trouble with Valentines Day, by Rachel Gibson


Still on my contemporary romance kick and still prowling the shelves at B & N, I found myself in the “G” section – which could only mean one thing. I was about to buy another book written by Rachel Gibson. Will that be cash or credit?

Meet Private Investigator Kate Hamilton. Disillusioned after a normal client turns psycho and her latest boyfriend, in a long line of noncommittal losers, dumps her, Kate returns to Gospel, Idaho to spend time with her recently widowed grandfather.  Kate is determined to help her grandfather cope with his loss while using the quiet of the small town to forget that last horrific case and her lack of anything even remotely resembling a love life.

On the way out to Gospel, Kate finds herself alone in a bar on the blackest of days for those without dates or mates. With little self-esteem and a head full of hot-buttered rum, she surprises herself by propositioning the good-looking stranger sitting next to her. But ex-NHL hockey star Rob Sutter promptly turns her down without even bothering to be polite. His successful skating career ended in a scene that gives the term “Fatal Attraction” a new meaning and Rob has every right to be wary of strangers in a bar.

Kate and her wounded pride limp into Gospel where she throws herself into the daily routine of helping her grandfather run the small supermarket he owns. But her fitful start at peaceful healing is abruptly derailed by an introduction to the good-looking owner of the local sporting goods store.  Rob Sutter is just as surprised to see Kate, but doesn't even hint he remembers the bar until they're alone. And that's when the fun begins.

Is Gospel really big enough for the both of them?

The Trouble with Valentine’s Day is a great read – quick, funny and chock full of that sexual tension we love. The plot is well conceived, the characters are believable, and the ending is perfect. It’s like getting a dozen roses, a big box of chocolates, and a day at the spa.

And it’s not even February 14th.