Thursday, April 9, 2009

Midsummer Eve at Rookery End, by Elizabeth Hanbury

show_image_in_imgtag I have found the best book of short stories ever!

Elizabeth Hanbury is back and better than ever. Her new book available on contains three cleverly written Regency short stories, all from the same evening at the Midsummer ball at Rookery End.

The evening begins with Siren's Daughter, the story of true love gone astray. Miss Deborah King wrote off Sir Benedict Catesby years ago when he left her without a word. Heart broken, she continued on with her life with her overbearing aunt, believing her true love had betrayed her. Sir Benedict, left at the altar heartbroken, leaves the area when his letter to Deborah goes unanswered, and he determines she no longer wishes to marry him. A fateful meeting at Rookery End brings out the hurt of both parties, each accusing the other of betrayal. When the truth is revealed, the pair realize their love had indeed endured the years of separation, and they vow never to let scheming aunts and loyal maids come between them again.

Our next tale, Blue Figured Silk, tells the story of the rakish Marquess of Shaftesbury and the inconspicuous Eve Leighton. By a stroke of luck and a near-assignation with a widow, the Marquess comes to the rescue of Miss Leighton as she is fighting off a suitor determined to have her as he wishes. For the Marquess, it is love at first sight, and he realizes Eve is all he has waited for. Eve, however, is overshadowed by her beautiful younger sister and her title-hungry mother. The Marquess does not give up, and as the Leighton's are leaving the Rookery, the Marquess rushes after them, or for that matter, after Eve. He knows she is the only woman that he could imagine spending the rest of his life with. After all, what is more perfect than Eve finding her Adam?

The final story, A Scandal at Midnight, is perhaps the sweetest of all. Verity, a well-born governess to Miss Amelia Gardiner, is overcome with hopelessness when she receives a letter from her charge indicating she has eloped with her true love George, against her father's wishes. Miss Gardiner is promised to Sir Tristan Millforte, who according to her, is an old man that would make her a dreadful husband. Verity enlists the help of Sir Tristan, and is surprised to find that he is neither old nor dreadful, but quite handsome and willing to help her catch her errant charge. When Sir Tristan informs Verity he is aware of no arrangement between Miss Gardiner and himself, they realize that matchmaking has been going on behind their backs, and there was no need for Miss Gardiner to flee to Scotland to marry her love. During the search for the two lovers, Sir Tristan is taken with Verity and realizes he has found someone that he could easily spend the rest of his life with. Verity also finds herself under his spell and before the evening is through, more than one couple is engaged.

If you are a lover of short stories as I am, then I definitely suggest you pick up, or download this book. The stories are well written and entertaining, encompassing all the wit that I've come to love from Elizabeth Hanbury's writing. She is a refreshing change in the romance novel world, so don't miss out on this collection!


  1. What a great review! I'm looking forward to reading these stories very much. I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth Hanbury's writing.

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