Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Dangerous Duke, by Gaelen Foley. A Review by Angie

My Dangerous Duke is the second book in the Inferno Club series by Gaelen Foley.  This story follows Rohan Kilburn, the Duke of Warrington, or better known to locals as the Beast, and Kate Madsen, a woman kidnapped by smugglers and given as a gift to the Duke.

Rohan's family curse-- to lose one's wife early in life-- haunts him and he rejects all notions of love and marriage, thinking to break the curse by denying it.  His reputation of a wild lover is well-earned, but is not the complete story of this complex character.  Underneath the controlled exterior lies a warrior, trained to fight in any sort of combat, and a killer for the Inferno Club and their fight against the Prometheans.  He lives a loveless life, until Kate comes along.

When Kate is handed over to the Beast, she is defiant yet afraid of what he may do to her.  The Duke is handsome, but being held prisoner for over a month in a dark cellar has taken its toll and she is desperate to escape.  Her kidnappers drug her to make her more compliant, hoping to calm the temper of the Duke.  Little does the Duke know the lovely gift he was given is not there of her own free will, as he is led to believe.  Things go downhill from there as Rohan realizes Kate's family history is linked with his in a way that will cause certain danger to them both.  Kate holds in her possession the key to finding the Alchemists Tomb, something the Prometheans have searched and killed for.  Rohan knows if they can find this tomb and its secrets, this would be a serious gain for the Inferno Club.

Foley's writing, as always is entertaining and the hero and heroine are well matched despite having many differences.  My Dangerous Duke is a well-written story of love, danger and intrigue, with quite a bit of mush mixed in.  This book hits stores today!

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