Sunday, March 20, 2011

April Romance Reading Challenge Book: My Irresistible Earl, by Gaelen Foley

When the newly widowed Lady Pierson, Mara,  sees her long lost love after more than ten years, she is livid that he still looks just as handsome as he did way back when.  Jordan, the Earl of Falconridge left her in a garden one evening after a rash proposal from Mara to make him stay with her.  His duties to the Order left him no choice but to abandon his lady love and undertake his mission.  With a promise to come back for her, he leaves her, hoping she will wait for him and they can marry.  When Mara never hears from Jordan, she marries Lord Pierson to get away from parents who did nothing but criticize and abuse her.  Now it's fourteen years later, and they are both older and wiser, and still very much attracted to each other.

Jordan's mission is to take him close to the Prince Regent, Prinny, and root out a traitor working with the Prometheans.  Mara's relationship with Prinny is the perfect way to get himself cozy with the Carlton House set, and closer to Mara.  Jordan and Mara cannot keep their hands off each other, and soon they're inseparable, being seen everywhere together and spending nights in each other's arms.  Jordan desperately wants to tell Mara about his mission, but is sworn to secrecy to protect her and her son Thomas.  When the Prometheans kidnap young Thomas in order to get a valuable list of names of the Order, Mara and Jordan face the enemy together in order to save the Crown.

As always with Gaelen Foley, her novels are descriptive and sensual; a fresh look on formula Regency romance.  Jordan and Mara literally cannot get enough of each other, and it shows on every page, whether they are in each other's arms, or not speaking.  My Irresistible Earl, part of the Inferno Club series, is due in stores April 1, 2011.  Make sure to pick up this one!

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