Romance Challenge 2011

Welcome to Bookishly Attentive's Romance Reading Challenge 2011!
To participate, you only have to follow the rules: 
  • For every romance novel you read, you will need to post a review, either on your own blog, or in our comments section on the challenge page, below this post. 
  • If you have your own blog, just post a link directly to your review in the comments section of the challenge page (please post the link directly to your review post, and not the blog itself).
  • You can participate even if you don't have your own blog!
  • These reviews do not need to be long or in depth, just your opinion of the book.  However, if wish to go in depth, please do so! 
  • We (Bookishly Attentive) will post a challenge review every month of a soon to be published novel.
  • The winner may receive a selection of books autographed by our favorite romance authors!
Any kind of romance is accepted, and you can overlap with any other challenges you may be participating in this year.  You can choose from one of the following levels of participation:

50-75  A True Proficient
25-50  Skilled in the art
10-25  Just Starting out
1-10    I'll give it a try!

This time next year, we'll tally up the reviews, and see who the winner is!

Good luck, and happy reading!

Monthly Reading Challenge:

We've posted the first of our monthly reading challenges. The reading challenge is a suggestion only, but we'd love to see how your reviews compare to ours!

**February Reading Challenge Scandal of the Year: Abandoned at the Altar, by Laura Lee Gurhke


  1. Yours for the Taking by Robin Kaye

    I've been following this series since Kaye's first book "Romeo, Romeo" (I seem to have a knack for finding great contemporary romance with horrible names (See Julie James' "Just the Sexiest Man Alive")) and I have definitely fallen for her interwoven characters. There is nothing groundbreaking about her work but Kaye's writing is comfortable and I am always assured in the knowledge that those two crazy kids will make it in the end. In "Yours for the Taking" I wasn't disappointed. The story is about Ben and Gina and their unconventional path to a happy marriage. Gina's a Latin spitfire and you've got to admire a woman with cajones. Ben was able to make me see, for the first time in my life, that maybe cowboy boots *could* actually be sexy. I loved them together but Ben, buddy, if you don't stop jingling those keys, I'm going to have to hurt you. Gina, dollface, cut your freakin' bangs.

  2. The Next Best Thing by Kristin Higgins

    I admit that I'm in a bit of a Kristin Higgins phase. I loved this book as much as I anticipated that I would. While her stories can tend to be a be formulaic in a boy meets girl, girls tries desperately to get over an old flame, girl find what she has been truly looking for kind of way, Higgins writes beautifully with complex characters that you want to get to know. This is certainly true with this book that I admit stole my heart. Lucy has lost the love of her life in an accident 5 years prior and is still recovering. Her husbands brother, Ethan, is there for her no matter what. While divorce and widowhood are very different, the sense of loss is just as palpable and Higgins does a marvelous job of making you feel that loss. After reading this book, I feel very strongly that everyone deserves an Ethan in their lives and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the struggle that Lucy goes through to grieve and cope with her loss and be able to find herself again in the end. The characters in this book are both humorous and real. I rarely find myself in tears when I read a romance novel but I'm not ashamed to admit that they flowed freely as I turned the final pages of this wonderful book. Higgins has a gift for grabbing hold of your heart without letting go. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and what next her pen will create.

  3. My Lord Scandal, Notorious Bachelors Series by Emma Wildes

    Love, love love this book! You can read my full review on my blog here...My Lord Scandal 

  4. Our Wicked Mistake, Notorious Bachelors Series by Emma Wildes

    Another fabulously hot romance from Ms. Wildes! As you can see I'm working my way through her books. You can read my full review on my blog here...Our Wicked Mistake 

  5. His Sinful Secret, Notorious Bachelors Series by Emma Wildes

    The third and final installment of this my review here...His Sinful Secret

    Nearly caught up on the books I've read this year so far (yes, I'm a very fast reader, two more reviews to go). Perhaps I should have gone for the highest reading bracket in the challenge after all. :)

  6. The Manuscript by Emma Wildes

    Another keeper by Ms. Wildes. Read my full review on my blog here...The Manuscript, .

  7. Midnight Without A Moon by Emma Wildes

    Another enjoyable read by Ms. Wildes. Read my full review here...Midnight Without a Moon

  8. Carnal Deceptions by Scottie Barrett

    All I can say is don't bother...nothing's worse than bad romance. Read my full review of this less than stellar offering by Scottie Barrett here...Carnal Deceptions

  9. Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins

    Another day, another Kristan Higgins novel. I love her, have I mentioned that? Well, I do.


    Maggie and Malone. Malone and Maggie. Cute right? Sure. Maggie owns a diner that she inherited from her grandfather. She's in love with a priest (I mean, come on ladies we've all been there, right?) and she has the ubiquitous trademark Higgin's pooch. Malone on the other hand...well that's where we have a problem. Malone likes to scowl. As with most men there is reason that makes him scowl (f*ck yeah! Got a North & South reference into a review!) and while I still found him pretty sexy (can you hear me fellow brooder lovers?) I found his character ultimately lacking. I wish that we would have known him a little more. Why and for how long has he loved Maggie? We never find out. Apart from maybe a paragraph at the end of this book, Malone's character never really blossoms. And as soon as he gives us a glimpse into his private world in which we learn his first name, Higgin's leaves us cold. The story is over.

    Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the book, I just wanted it to last longer. I just wanted the character's in Maggie's world to be slightly more flushed out. I will never disparage a Kristan Higgins book but this was not one of my favorites.

  10. The Duke by Gaelon Foley

    The best thing about reading a book you thoroughly enjoy by an author that is new to you is knowing that there are many more wonderful books waiting for you!!  Loved The Duke and can't wait to devour this series of books that tell the story of the Knight family.  You can read my full review here...The Duke.

  11. Bound, Branded & Brazen by Jaci Burton

    This is the second book I have read from Jaci in this particular series. The story is broken into three short stories about the McMasters sisters and takes place in Oklahoma on the Bar M Ranch that the sisters own together. It is a story of family, loves lost and found, how the strength of the few over come and win in the end. I really enjoyed all three stories and will read this one again. The second sister Brea, the middle had me in tears for how she had lead her life. Sometime when we read our own lives through others written words it makes it that much more special to us. Great romance, hot sex and i would recomment it in a heart beat.

    Now on to book

  12. The Border Vixen - Bertrice Small

    She's back - after a few books where i was less than thrilled, The Border Vixen is more like the Bertrice Small of old!

    You can read the view here - - now i only hope the link works.. lol

  13. Lord of Fire by Gaelen Foley

    I am loving this series!! I've already plowed through the first 4 books of the 7 book Knight Miscellany and cannot wait to finish the last 3. I'm catching up on my reviews, here's the first of three I'll hopefully be posting today.

    Read my full review on my blog...Lord of Fire 

  14. Lord of Ice by Gaelen Foley

    Lord Damien...*sigh* my full review on my blog...Lord of Ice 

  15. Lady of Desire by Gaelen Foley

    Though still a good read, not my favorite of the Knight series so far. Read my full review here...Lady of Desire

  16. Devil Takes a Bride by Gaelen Foley

    What can I say, I love being able to read a series like this one after another, such a treat! I adored the fifth installment of the Knight Series. Read my full review on my blog...Devil Takes a Bride 

  17. One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley

    Another winner from Miss Foley. Read my full review on my blog...One Night of Sin

  18. His Wicked Kiss by Gaelen Foley

    The last installment of the Knight Miscellany. Sad to say not on par with the rest of the series. Read my full review here on my blog...His Wicked Kiss

  19. Only With a Cowboy by PJ Mellor, Vonna Harper, Melissa Macneal

    This is a book with three short stories and yes they all involve cowboys. Hot handsome men who melt your hearts. I did enjoy these stories but must say that i was left a little wanting in the end. They all seemed to end rather quickly for me. Im all about the fairy tale even in my erotic romance. They all fell in love but it just wrapped up to quick after the catching was completed. I would recommend the book, the stories were nice and kept me wanting.

    Off to search for book 3. Yea! im off to a good start and its only February. Happy Reading

  20. Ravished by Amanda Quick

    Ms. Quick is a new author to me and I'm very happy I picked this book as my first read of her work. What's not to love about a scarred, brooding hero? Read my full review here on my blog...Ravished

  21. Mistress by Amanda Quick

    When I find a new author I like, I can't help but sample several of their books before moving on. Having enjoyed Ravished so much I picked up Mistress based on the glowing reviews and was not disappointed. Read my full review here on my blog...Mistress

  22. Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

    *sigh*...I've been waiting for this book for ages and now that I've read it, I have a satisfied smile on my face. I just wish I didn't have to wait so long for the next book to come out. Read my full review here on my blog...Notorious Pleasures

  23. I'll give it a try! I can't get a link in here, but I've reviewed Almost an Outlaw by Patricia Preston and Game for Anything by Bella Andre.
    I highly recommend the first, a novella set in 1870s Missouri, but would say give some other Bella Andre book a try--she's a good author, but I didn't like the characters much in this one. I'll have 2 more reviews this month, on Thursdays. :) Happy reading!

  24. Linger by Maya Banks

    This is a two short story book. The first is Stay With Me. It really touched on some topics that I have experienced in my own life so gives me moments to pause and think. I really enjoyed this tale of how men take for granted what is right before their eyes. I only wish the story was a bit longer. The Second brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed it, was suprised and at times shaken. This story brought out lots of emotions for me. A life taken to soon and so young, a family trying to work out the harsh reality of life without a loved one. A man's anger at what he believes to be in outright wrong way of living and wants nothing more than to rid the world of the scum so that things will go back to normal. Great stories both of them and I will read this book again.

    Onward to book 4 and I hope you try this one out. Lisa

  25. Mystique by Amanda Quick

    Chivalry, knights, mythical crystals...what more can you want in a romance novel? Loved this book, read my full review here on my blog...Mystique

  26. Colter's Woman by Maya Banks

    Yes I know Im hooked on this author at the moment. This story is warm and caring, its about three brothers and the woman who would complete them. It is the first in a series (yes another series to read for me grin) and I am waiting for more of them. Its begining is a little far fetched but it is erotic romance and so for the span of a few days it puts me in a place to live through anothers life. It was enjoyable and I would read it again. I have already started my next book so 5 should be up shortly.

  27. A Table for Three by Lainey Reese

    What to think? This book is a tale of a young woman finally making it to her dream city to work and live. Her first night she is taken to a club she knows nothing of by a cab driver. She is of course found by the owner and taken to his penthouse in the same building. Cad and Trevor are childhood buddies, best of friends, brothers almost. This story takes little Riley from being a sweet innocent to becoming the woman who captures these two mens hearts. There is angst along the way but I love a little angst. Its a fun read if you want something quick and sexy this is it.
    Lisa (this was my book 5)

  28. Seduction by Amanda Quick

    Another winner from Ms. Quick. Read my full review here on my blog...Seduction

  29. The Accidental Wedding - Anne Gracie...

    my first Anne Gracie - the full review is here on my blog -
    Sorry - not savvy enough to make the link "live".